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Bipolar I Disorder

Diagnostic criteria for a Manic Episode include: period of abnormally and elevated, expansive or irritable mood, for one week or any duration if hospitalization; and three or more severe symptoms or four if the mood is irritable (inflated self-esteem, decreased sleep needs, talkative, flight of ideas or thoughts racing, etc.). Diagnostic criteria for a Major Depressive Episode include: five or more symptoms two weeks with changes from previous functioning, and at least one symptom is depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure. Symptoms (not due to bereavement) include: depressed mood, marked diminished interest, significant weight loss or appetite, insomnia or hypersomnia, psychomotor agitation or retardation, fatigue, worthlessness or guilty feelings, etc..

The mean age of onset of this disorder is mid-teens to early 20s, with most showing symptoms by age 25 years; early onset is associated with a more sever course of illness. Symptoms of a Major Depressive Episode include: tearfulness, irritability, brooding, anxiety, and rumination, with somatic complaints. These symptoms tend to develop over days to weeks with a varied duration; untreated episodes last 6 months or longer. Anxiety may be found during a prodromal period. The depressive episode usually ends with a remission of symptoms and premorbid functioning; additional depressive symptoms may last many years. Manic Episodes include symptoms such as: resistance to treatment, impulsive travel with loss of contact with caretakers, changed appearance, unethical behavior, and poor judgement. Mood may shift rapidly to anger or depression. Mania may start in adolescence but the mean onset age is early 20s. Mania usually begins suddenly with rapid escalation over a few days. Episodes tend to occur following psychosocial stressors and may last weeks to months. Major Depressive Episode may precede or follow a Manic Episode.

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