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Personal Essay on Money

One of the most important means of achieving financial independence for the professor was a power generator. He would run it on gasoline. A relatively small amount of gasoline would run the system for hours, as any experienced recreational vehicle owner can attest. Using his generator for night reading, the professor could contentedly transport himself into the other-worlds of his reading, far past the petty inconveniences imposed by having to make do with very little. His situation would only appeal to a person who had a philosophical conviction to live under spartan conditions, however.

"Because he was single, and in no one's debt," (to paraphrase a quotation characterizing Ichabod Crane in Washington Irving's famous short story), our professor could live a solitary existence free from the reaches of bill collectors and Internal Revenue auditors. Such a life has its attractions, as anyone who has ever been deeply in debt can tell you. It is a time-worn cliche that "money isn't everything," but try telling that to a person who is in danger of losing everything to bankruptcy or a vindictive ex-spouse. The professor can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that tomorrow has been paid for already.

Vince Lombardi's famous saying, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing," comes to mind. Substituting money into the above equation provides an opposite message to that which is true. If money were everything,


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