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Political Ideas and Philisopy of Greeks

The basic political unit in ancient Greece was the city-state, such as Athens or Sparta, and the political unit in ancient India was similarly centered on important cities and their environs. The rule in Athens was democratic, while in some city-states there were strong military leaders or kings instead. The city-stats had once had kings and than had been ruled by oligarchies before passing through a period of rule by tyrants. The tyrants were replaced by democracies. The cities of India in the ancient period were still ruled by dynastic leaders, families that handed down rule over long periods of time, and at any given time a representative of that dynasty would be king. In the stories in Tales of Ancient India, this is seen in story after story as a king tries to rule justly, as in "The King and the Spiteful Seductress":

On the bank of the Ganges there was once a city named Kanakapura where the boundaries of the law were inviolate and discord was barred (Van Buitenen 32).

The king is supported by a council of brahmins not unlike the council of leading Greek citizens who sit in judgment of Socrates, though noted more for their wisdom than their wealth or prominence.

The Hellenistic era of Alexander the Great and after was a period of consolidation as Greek culture mixed with Roman culture. The genius of the Romans lay in the military, in government administration, and in the law. The Romans conquered Greece, adopting Greek culture and transmitting it to the medieval world. Unlike the Greeks, they did not develop a philosophical theory of state and society. Instead, they were the practitioners of power and law, and Roman civil law, which reached its peak under the emperors, excelled in precision of formulation and logic of thought. Roman political institutions remained relatively stable during the imperial centuries and then disintegrated rapidly as the empire collapsed.

The administration of the law in India wa...

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