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Interpretations Between Sleeping and Dreaming

Some researchers believe that sleep gives the body a chance to rest and repair itself. Recent studies have shown that certain cells known as cytokines are influential in causing sleep as well as in helping the body to fight disease (Palca, 1989, p. 352). This supports the idea that sleep serves as a way for the body to recuperate from the stresses that it experiences each day. Another theory states that "by lowering the body's thermostat, sleep conserves energy" (Long, 1987, p. 796). Still other physiologists have simply claimed that "there is still precious little known about the function of sleep, or why highly evolved mammals need it at all" (Palca, 1989, p. 351).

Psychologists also differ in their attempts to explain why people need to sleep and dream. Some researchers in the field of psychology claim that sleep and dreams serve to "facilitate learning or brain development or reinforce individual behavior patterns" (Long, 1987, p. 796). The followers of Sigmund Freud believe that dreams help maintain mental health by allowing people to "express forbidden wishes in disguised form" (Guinness, 1987, p. 59). Others feel that "dreaming is the brain's way of making sense of the day's events and discarding useless information" (Guinness, p. 59). Many psychologists agree with the perspective of Carl Jung that symbols and metaphors play an large role in the interpretation of dream images. J. Allan Hobson of Harvard University has stated that this is because the brain works on the basis of associations. According to Hobson, "high-level associations are metaphors, which pack lots of material into an economical unit" (Begley, 1989, p. 44). Jung noted that psychological symbols in dreams are often based on archetypes. These are the common symbols which all humans share, such as crosses, monsters, and mythological figures. According to Jung, these archetypes are stored in the subconscious mind and may be called forth during drea...

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