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The Relationship between Educating and Voting Behavior

To the extent, however, that minorities have lower levels of education than non-minorities, education could be a factor that is somewhat involved in the decision.

Niemi and Weisberg (1993) state that who individuals vote for is caused by many factors including: views of the issues, party identification, socioeconomic class, the economic status of the country, psychoemotional feelings about the personality of the candidate, and religion and degree of religiosity. Education is said to play a role in presidential vote also, but its contribution is said to be relatively minor when all other factors are considered.

The research conducted and presented in this paper took a closer look at the contribution of education to presidential voting by analyzing the responses of a survey sample of voters to questions concerning their political views and voting behavior. Educational and other data were collected as well as responses to a survey item asking them who they voted for president in the 2000 election.

Findings Observed For Analyses of Survey Data

The analysis presented here examined one voting behavior (who did you select for President in the 2000 elections) in relation to the educational attainments of a sample of survey respondents. There were 139 respondents to the survey. Table 1 presents some descriptive findings observed for the survey sample in terms of their education, their ethnicity, who they voted for as president and what ethnic group or groups they believed were most likely to vote for people like themselves.

As can be seen from inspection of Table 1, the majority of survey respondents (45.3%) were white. Non-Whites or Latino voters comprised a total of 36 percent of the sample. However, a good deal of the sample's ethnic background is unknown because 11.5 percent of those surveyed did not provide information regarding their racial/ethnic background.

As to their views of which ethnic group was more likely to vote for...

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