The Relationship between Educating and Voting Behavior
Voting rates for groups with differing amounts of education are one indication of the relationship between educational attainment and exercising civic responsibility, such as voting. (NCES, 1996, p.1)

The NCES (1996) provides some basic statistics on the relationship between education and voting behavior, noting that there is a strong positive relationship between voting behavior and educational attainment with voting participation increasing with the voter's amount of education. For example, in the 1994 congressional elections, college graduates were 86 percent more likely than high school graduates to vote while high school dropouts (of the same age) were 58 percent less likely than high school graduates to vote. It is further noted that differences in voting behavior by educational attainment have widened among adults 25 to 44 years of age with younger adults having somewhat less education than older adults.

It should be noted here that educational attainment is not unrelated to race and/or ethnicity and therefore these two variables interact with respect to voting behavior. In this regard, the National Center For Education Statistics (1998) reports that whites are enrolled at college in greater relative proportions than minorities.

Of some concern is the fact that these lower enrollment rates show a clear decline. For example, in 1996, the NCES (1998) reported that white high school graduates were 45 percent more likely than either their black or Hispanic peers to e

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