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The Shawshank Redemption & Prison Subcultures

Andy is a new fish and will become the source of sexual gratification for another subculture within the prison, the group known as the ˘Sisters÷ (Darabont, 1994). The ˘Sisters÷ sexual abuse the new prison inmates known as the ˘fish.÷ When Red, the narrator of the film and a black inmate who becomes AndyĂs best friend, is told by Andy that he has ˘no enemies;÷ Red tells him, ˘Wait a while. Word has it the Sisters have taken quite a likinĂ to you. Especially Bogs÷ (Darabont, 1994). The Sisters sexually abuse the fish at will. When Andy asks if anyone knows the name of a new prisoner, another inmate, Heywood, tells him, ˘Fuck do you care, new fish? DoesnĂt fuckinĂ matter


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