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Management in Human Resources

. To develop and disseminate information products derived

from the data for internal and external use.

. To employ the database and information products in

guiding management decision-making.

This model envisions PM in the health care setting as a continuous mechanism for selecting critical performance areas and indicators, measuring and analyzing actual performance, and maximizing meaningful use of performance information (Carpinello, et al, 1998). Measuring performance of staff members, developing benchmarks for performance along the lines created by positions and job descriptions, linking performance and quality improvements to training and education of workers, and developing recommendations for organizational growth are all functions attributed to HRM in a PM system (Sederer & Dickey, 1996).

Performance Management in Health Care

In the health care environment, an effective performance management system is composed of two critical components and three major programs (Katz & Green, 1997). The two components include standards/specifications and scope. The three major programs are performance awareness, performance measurement, and performance improvement.

Standards direct workers toward the kinds of activities they must master in order to meet organizational and accreditation goals and objectives. The scope of standards in a health care setting defines the roles of employees and managers, while the performance management system involves HRM in both performance appraisals and measurement and performance improvement via training and education (Katz & Green, 1997).

To make PM work, several steps must be completed with the assistance of HRM. This includes involving senior management and employees, and including both groups in setting goals and developing appropriate performance appraisal strategies. Using the correct performance measures and reviewing performance measures against organizational ser...

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