Assertiveness Training Techniques
Four steps must be followed in an assertiveness inventory. First, an unassertive person should buy a blank notebook which will be used as an Assertiveness Training Notebook. Second, the person should make a list in the Assertiveness Training Notebook. Third, the person should answer the 23 questions which the authors list on pages 5051 of their book. If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," "always," or even "often," then the books suggests that the person has "difficulty in assertion" (50). Finally, the person should explain the assertion problems by writing down the problem which the answer to any question or questions identified.

The authors also recommend that unassertive people should take an "Uptight Inventory" (51-52). The Uptight Inventory exercise is designed to identify the things which make the person feel disturbed, tense, or upset (51). This exercise, together with the Assertive Inventory, should help people establish their own Assertive Goals. Additionally, the authors recommend that people read two books: Conditioned Reflex Therapy by Andrew Salter, and Help Without Psychoanalysis, by Jean Baer. All of these suggestions should help unassertive people recognize that their behavior is not a permanent state and thus can be changed (54).

Another technique which the book discusses is setting goals. People should set both long-term and short-term goals. Setting goals is an important Assertiveness Training

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