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Assertiveness Training Techniques

Another technique which the book discusses is setting goals. People should set both long-term and short-term goals. Setting goals is an important Assertiveness Training technique because it helps motivate and direct a person as well as helping to reinforce a person's self-esteem (56). Also, the book sets forth several behavioral assignments which are geared toward helping a passive personality improve interpersonal relationships as well as social interaction skills (63-64). In addition, the book suggests a behavioral approach to "expression of feeling" (67). The recommended approach to expression of feeling begins with "feeling talk" (68). The book sets forth a laboratory approach to feeling talk. Feeling talk exercises include a person's deliberate and increased use of "feeling talk phrases" such as "I like what you said" or "I don't want you to . . . " (71). Another approach to Assertive Training is a little simpler. The book labels this "just saying no" (75). By just saying no, a person can prevent being exploited and building up feelings of resentment against the people who might otherwise exploit (77).

Baer also points out how many of her patients are unhappy and depressed because they have no friends. Thus, Baer advises these patients to develop a satisfactory social network. A satisfactory social network can be achieved by considering varying types of social relationships, constantly changing the network, and by making sure that the network meets social needs (95). People with unsatisfactory social networks include loners, and men or women who live in social isolation. Other people who have unsatisfactory social networks include those who have only sporadic relationships with others, isolated couples, and people with personalities that are so barricaded that they cannot share intimate things. People who have barricaded personalities are capable of having enormous amounts of contact with others, but the contact w...

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