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Wake of the Information Technology

Organizations such as the ASIS can and should play a significant role as a multidisciplinary forum which can spur the continued development of the information disciplines. Oard (2000) referenced this need while also discussing the need for research that will augment current speech-based retrieval interface systems. Oard (2000) further believes that integration of the various disciplines described above is necessary to transform new or emergent technologies into productive tools that can be used across a broad spectrum of disciplines and in widely varied applications.

The third dimension or critical need identified by Griffiths (2000) deals with the three key areas of the IS discipline: research, education, and practice. Research associated with tools, design, development, and evaluation can be used to help improve the relationship between people and recorded knowledge, its creation, capture, storage, preservation, identification, dissemination, and use. Higher education and particularly graduate education is an ideal locus identified by Griffiths (2000) for research leading to greater integration of the various disciplines subsumed within the practice of information science.

A fourth important issue in IS today was identified by Myburgh (2000), who contends that developments in today's IT and IS spectrum have profound social implications suggesting that the field has moved well beyond data management within organizations and now influences the ways in which organizational and interpersonal communication takes place. Myburgh (2000) sees a need to create a convergence of IT and information management (IM). This new convergence is seen as affecting the nature and fabric of societies and organizations because they are increasingly predicated upon information flows. IT no longer handles raw data or just information and IT systems are now being developed which address the most intangible and unquantifiable yet probably mos...

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