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Legal Issues on Employee Termination

Adding to this and making the considerations regarding termination all the more complex is that many states and localities differ in the types of statutes they enact regarding employee termination. Florida is a contrast to many states like New York, New Jersey and California which provide many protections in the workplace for employees. Florida is one of the few states that still strictly adheres to the employment at will doctrine. However, in states other than Florida they have many laws protecting employees. For example, the employment at will contract can be argued against by an employee, even in Florida, if it can be proven there is a written contract specifying conditions of employment between the employer and employee. In California the Supreme Court is reviewing the decision of a lower state court that “…a worker’s lengthy, satisfactory employment could create an implied contract that barred dismissal without cause” (Beck 1).

There are also federal laws and legislation that protect employees from dismissal. For example, the pro-employee Clinton administration enacted the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993 which allows for an employee to be provided with up to 90 days of unpaid medical leave in the event that they or a member of their immediately family contract a terminal illness. However, even these types of laws are tricky when you consider that this only applies to organizations with 50 or more employees and the members of the employee’s immediate family must live within 75 miles of the organization. This shows how careful employers must be, but also why some employees might sue because they are not familiar with provisions within the laws to protect them. It also shows why employees may be angry and sue when this provision implies that if your mother or daughter lived more than 75 miles from you your concern and love for them would not merit needing to spend three months with them validly. Other law...

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