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Employee Termination

Certainly these statistics are partially a result of the lawsuit-happy 1990s but they are a symptom of a deeper illness inherent in the workplace itself. Diversity in the workplace has created a state of flux in which old management styles and practices are no longer tolerated. Today’s managers must be especially sensitive in their employee dealings with women, minorities, the disabled or others individuals who are particularly protected by termination legislation. This analysis will discuss the environment in today’s workplace where termination of employees is concerned, in addition to the steps of recourse employees may take who are dismissed. A conclusion will discuss the future of termination legislation.

Because of the erosion of the employment at will contract today’s effective managers must know how to effectively terminate employees. The decision cannot be based on personal emotion. It does not matter if you like or dislike the person; the reason for firing must be connected with actual job performance. For this reason the majority of experts in the literature agree that there cannot be enough documentation det


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