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Social Roles for Women in World War II

In both cases, the police women did largely undercover work and had a team of males around to protect them from harm. This was not an entirely new development, for a syndicated show called Decoy had used the same idea in 1957. Charlie's Angels beginning in 1976 presented women as private crime fighters, though they were under the direction of the never-seen male Charlie. These shows seen today seem less dedicated to showing women in non-traditional roles and more to showing good-looking women in designer clothes. The glamour of the leads was given much more attention than their abilities. Somewhat scantily-clad women were also featured as super heroes in The Bionic Woman from 1976 and Wonder Woman, also from 1976.

These women and their roles were generally far divorced from the lives live by the women watching at home, and this would be true of the other major depiction of women beginning in the late 1970s with the femmes fatales and sex objects of the glossy soap opera Dallas, from 1978. Glamour was again the central focus, and these characters tended to be wealthy, unscrupulous, and promiscuous in equal parts. The pairing of police women and wealthy socialites reflected the long-standing treatment of women a either angels or whores, with some variation between the two extremes, yet generally women in dramatic shows did not move much beyond these poles.

Joseph R. Dominick reports on a study of the portrayal of women in prime time between 1953 and 1977, extending from the beginnings of the television situation comedy to the era of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It was found in this 1979 study that the number of women in starring roles remained relatively constant over the 25-year period studied. The number of women shown as housewives or housekeepers had declined over this period, but the makeup of the television labor force consistently demonstrated no relationship to the real-life employment patterns of women. This was...

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