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Essay on Personal Goal

I find this easy to do as I know once I achieve my goals I will be in a position to help my mother, those I love, and my community. My weakest personal characteristic is my tendency to be reserved and shy when I should speak out. This is true in terms of confronting others when I am right and often taking a backseat to others because I am fearful of repercussions or confrontation. At times this has hindered my progress by undermining my skills because I have not spoken out on my beliefs.

One of my biggest non-academic interests is my work with the local Buddhist Temple. I strongly believe in being community oriented and my work through the temple enables me to help raise valuable funds that assist local high school students with tutoring, supplies, and other needs. One of my personal favorite non-academic exercises is enjoying the Los Angeles Lakers who, like most Angelinos, I love.

I believe I am a qualified candidate for admission to your program. Not only is my previous academic performance evidence of this, but so is my desire to help others. Having immigrated to the United States, I found myself in a completely foreign culture than the one I was used to in Vietnam. Feeling isolated, sometimes ostracized, and like a fish out of water during my initial months in this country showed me how important a sense of community is in making others feel accepted and as a motivator for promoting individual potential. By immersing myself in a variety of academic and community pursuits, I soon found myself being much more comfortable within my community. This enabled me to see that a strong academic background is further enhanced by community involvement. Without a balance between one’s academic and personal life, an individual often undermines self-fulfillment. By using my academic skills to help others in my community, I not only felt more fulfilled from achieving a sen


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