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The Criminal Justice System in the U.S.

The difference is that the drug of choice among young black people is crack cocaine. They choose to smoke it. White individuals' favorite drug is also cocaine, but the powder form, of the drug, used by snorting it (Carter 292). Even so, the majority of the users of crack cocaine are white.

Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are two forms of the same drug. Crack is made by mixing powder cocaine with baking soda and water and cooking it (Smolowe 44). Anyone possessing the powder form of cocaine can manufacture crack. Powder cocaine is a more flexible form of the drug as it can be transformed into crack, but crack cannot be changed into powder. Crack is usually sold in quarters of a rock equal to about a quarter of a gram. Powder cocaine is generally sold by the gram. The different methods of distribution make a buy of crack cocaine cheaper than powder cocaine, therefore, crack is more readily available to the poor. To punish the poor for being poor, make the penalty for using and possessing the cheaper form of cocaine more harsh. The poor will spend more time in jail and the rich will not be bothered by the poor.

Official unemployment figures show that blacks have an unemployment rate of 13.7 percent compared to whites unemployment rate of 4.6 percent (Carter 291). Almost half of all blacks are born into poverty (49.9 percent). This compares to only 19 percent of whites (Carter 291). One in every four black children live in neighborhoods defined as high poverty areas; this contrasts with only one out of every sixty-three white children living under such conditions (Carter 292). The unemployment rate for black individuals is misleading. The rate is lower, than it should be, because the rate only reflects those individuals actively seeking to find work. Many minority individuals have become so discouraged that they have stopped actively seeking employment and are no longer counted, as unemployed (Carter 291). It ...

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