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Education: Exam Preparation

The Internet allows for unprecedented access to worldwide databases of research and reference materials which allows students with computer access to prepare for examinations in a manner and to a degree never before possible for their historical counterparts. Removing time, geographic, and other barriers to study, technology has greatly aided exam preparation. Research supports the contention that individuals retain more of what they learn when they use interactive and multimedia forms of learning. The internet provides these forms of study which include colorful graphics, video, live recordings, and a host of other interactive multimedia which enhances learning and exam preparation.

Other forms of exam preparation that are useful and effective include working with others in groups or attending supplementary instruction courses. By working with others new ideas and common problems may be solved more easily than wrestling with difficult study issues individually. Study groups allow for additional practice for exams and students can question one another about concepts and topics they do not understand or they believe will be appear on tests. Review sessions are also important and many instructors offer review sessions on the last day or two of classes before a major examination. However, some offer them much earlier in the course. As one professor who offers review courses in biology states “I stress the adage ‘practice, practice, practice.’ Each course has key points that can be studied well ahead of time. The more practice problems one does, the easier will be the test” (Burris 1).

Today’s hectic lifestyles demand effective time-management. In lieu of this, busy students can adopt other exam preparation techniques that allow them to study for exams in situations it would not otherwise be possible.


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