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Esophageal Cancer Staging

The second mode that spreads cancer is through the blood stream. In this process the cancer cells break off of the primary cancer and burrow their way into a blood vessel in order to gain access to the blood stream. The cancer cells flows through the blood stream until it becomes lodged somewhere. Once this happens it will burrow through the wall of typically a capillary and into the tissue of the organ where it has landed. Once this occurs, the cancerous cell begins to multiply and a new or secondary cancerous tumor begins to develop. The third mode of spread is through the lymphatic system, “The way a cancer spreads through the lymphatic system is very similar to the way it spreads through the blood stream. The cancer cell must become detached from the primary tumor. Then it will travel along with the circulating lymph until it gets stuck in the small channels inside a lymph node and begins to grow a secondary cancer” (How 2). One additional problem is micrometastasis which are the spread of cancer but so small as to remain undetectable. If there are single cancerous cells or very small areas growing in the body it is impossible to detect them even through the latest scanning technology.

Like many forms of cancer, there is no known cause linked to esophageal cancer. While its incidence is higher in some regions of the world than others, in the U.S. “this disease accounts for only about 1 percent of all cancers” (NIC 10). Researchers and the medical community are aware of some of the demographics of esophageal cancer. The disease is commonly found in those over the age of 55, its incidence in men is double that of women, and black people are more afflicted by the disease than whites (NIC 11). Like many cancers, researchers and the medical community have been unable to link a specific cause with the development of esophageal cancer. However, also like many other cancers, there is a defined list of risk facto...

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