"The Holocaust"
Both Night and Fog and SchindlerĂs List reinforce this theme. We are warned at the end of ResnaisĂ film that war sleeps with one eye open. In this manner, the filmmaker is reminding us that despite the unprecedented brutality of the Holocaust, such an atrocity might occur again in future. It is up to the individual to be wary and ensure it does not. SchindlerĂs List, reminds us of the enormous difference one individual can make against even an overwhelmingly powerful and brutal regime like the Nazis. SchindlerĂs choices saved more Jews than were left in Poland. Thus, the film reminds us that despite the significant numbers of individuals who chose not to stand against the Nazis, even one individual doing so saved thousands of lives. As Itzhak tells Oskar at the end of the film, ˘There will be generations because of what youĂve done÷ (Spielberg).

In Night and Fog, Resnais uses a variety of techniques to reinforce the fact that despite its universally condemned inhumanity, a future Holocaust is possible if individuals stand by and do nothing. When the film opens, the director craftily puts us in the position of a tourist. The title, Night and Fog, alludes to the Night and Fog Decree of Nazi Germany, one that encouraged any act of terror to occur in an invisible and untraceable manner. This reinforces the fact that such atrocities can occur without notice or reaction. The film begins by showing us lyrical and peaceful images.

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