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"The Holocaust"

This reinforces the fact that such atrocities can occur without notice or reaction. The film begins by showing us lyrical and peaceful images. In the midst of this pastoral setting, we will see emerge the grisly events of the Nazi death camps. By reminding us with visual imagery that peace and stability can quickly be transformed into brutality and chaos, the director is coaxing us to remain aware of such capacities. That many did not during the Holocaust helped Hitler implement his 'Final Solution.' The strong narration in the film is provided by Michael Bouquet, with dialogue based on the memoirs of Holocaust survivor Jean Cayrol. Bouquet's narration reinforces Resnais' message to remain aware; 'An ordinary village for vacationersùwith a marketplace and a steepleùcan lead all too easily to a concentration camp.'

In Schindler's List, Spielberg coaxes us to recognize our individual responsibility to prevent such atrocities like the Holocaust through the redemptive story of Oskar Schindler. Schindler's munitions employees have a chance to escape the Nazi death machines. The film often contrasts images of the worst inhumanity and brutality with those of overwhelming compassion and morality. At one point, when the brutal commandant Amon Goeth orders a Jew shot, the woman pleas, 'I'm only trying to do my job!' (Spielberg). Goeth immediately replies without human compassion, 'Ja, I'm doing mine' (Spielberg). Contrasted with such scenes are the compassion of men like Itzhak Stern and Schindler, who both risk their lives to help others. At one point Schindler tries to impart a degree of humanity and morality to the evil Goeth, 'Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't' (Spielberg). Such contrasting depictions of the human capacity for both good and evil are meant to reinforce that it is individual choice to act on good or evil.

The theme of individual responsibility as a means of ensuring such atroci...

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