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Case Analysis of FEH Inc.

Because of this situation, Donaldson needs to implement a tight project schedule with well-defined timelines, including key moments. Project schedules can be monitored by Donaldson for accountability based on whether or not key moments are met when deadlines are due. Further, the project schedules should clearly define the requirements necessary at each phase of project development so that the engineering services department is able to produce results in a more efficient manner than is currently possible.

The new product development process can also be improved by greater communication between manufacturing and product design managers. Currently the product design department admits that once a product is development it is typically “thrown over the wall to manufacturing” (Schroeder 8). Because of this lack of communication product quality often suffers and problems arise after products are introduced to the market. Manufacturing must be more involved in product design. Only the manufacturing perspective can help eliminate problems that might arise due to manufacturing processes, limitations, or costs. Donaldson’s explanation of how the company currently tries to resolve this problem shows the inadequacy of the present new product development process: “Manufacturing has enough problems to worry about with today’s products without bringing new products into the picture too. We try to anticipate manufacturing problems for them before release to production” (Schroeder 8). One method of resolving this problem could be to make the Corporate Quality and Safety Manage responsible for gathering input from product design and manufacturing managers on all potential new product projects. This information could then be shared with designers after gathering valuable feedback from manufacturing managers with respect to any reservations or challenges the new product might cause from a manufacturing point-of-view. This shoul...

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