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Internet Jumpstation

Out of ten stars possible, I would rate this site a “6”, with most of the lost stars attributable to its lack of depth and variety.

Web Site Two: Internet Movie Database. At: (9/30/99)

This Web site is one of the most useful for future film reviewers. It is a comprehensive and useful database of nearly every Feature film and TV film ever made. The Homepage is designed well and is easy to use. It features a “search” feature that is broken into different categories. You can search “Movies & TV”, “Movies”, or “TV” by typing in the title of the movie. However, it also lists the ability to search by cast/crew name (including the ability to select “Director”, “Actor”, “Actress” or “Producer”. If one only remembers the name of a character, there is also the ability to search “Male” or “Female” characters and even a search option that allows you to hit in lines of dialogue is that is all you can remember and want to access the film it was from. There are also options for advanced searches and links to information about Internet Movie Database, including its statistics and a guided tour. Once hitting in a film title, for the purposes of this evaluation Gone With The Wind was selected. The search provided a new page with links to the 1939 film, and a list of foreign released Gone With The Wind links. Once hitting the link to the 1939 film of Gone With The Wind, one is taken to a comprehensive page of links devoted to Gone With The Wind. This page is one of the most useful film review and criticism sources available on the Internet. It includes a color photo of the film’s marketing poster, lists the writers, the directors, the genre, a tagline from the film, a user rating (an average of 1-10 stars culled from Internet users), a plot outline, user comments and a complete cast including character names and the actors/actresses who played them. This site lo...

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