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4 Short essays on Music

Adalbert Church in Prague to make enough money to support his family. Clearly his devotion to music was strong, but Dvorak was out to prove something. He wanted to demonstrate to the world that the Czech nation could also have great artists (Anton Dvorak: Complete Works).

After Brahms recognized Dvorak and had his work published, the Czech composer became famous. However, Dvorak did not let this fame divert him from his goal of creating fine Czech music. He stayed true to his Slavic background mining Slavic music for new and attractive forms of musical composition and drew his inspiration from Moravia, Slovakia, Poland, and Russia. For these reasons, Anton Dvorak is known as the world's most played Czech composer of all time. He is praised for his inventiveness and the unique beauty of his melodies. In the face of adversary, Dvorak strove for success even when it seemed too difficult (Anton Dvorak: Complete Works).

3 The statement "Music is not only entertainment," means that music has the capability to transmit more than just pleasures and amusements. It means that music has the capacity to be intellectual. For Richard Wagner artists who produced music solely to entertain were not true artists. Wagner's music forced his audience to become intellectually involved in his operas in order for them to grasp what was occurring. Through a melding of leitmotifs, the composer sought


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