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Central & Eastern Europe Advertising

The combination of these two factors makes advertising in the Eastern European countries both possible and feasible. The emerging political openness makes advertising possible. The development of successful market driven economies in these countries will make advertising feasible.

Many socialist bloc countriesùthe German Democratic Republic (now incorporated into a united Germany), Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, as examplesùhave significant past experiences with the market economy concept specifically and with capitalism generally. Thus, the character of the change which occurs in these countries may well be quite different from that in the Soviet Union, as an example, which has little experience at all, and no positive experience, with either the market economy concept or with capitalism. It is unrealistic to presume that the current political revolutions will produce uniform economic outcomes in all of the affected countries.

For more than 40 years in the Eastern European socialist states, and for more than 70 years in the Soviet Union, citizens have become accustomed to highly disciplined, orderly societies. Regardless of the fact that the discipline and order was imposed, the potential for upheaval and chaos poses a threat to many people in these states. A failure of political and economic reform to lead to anticipated, positive political and economic results could create conditions so unsettled that citizens would demand a return to order, even if that meant a return to one-party rule. It is this situation which provides both a great opportunity and a significant threat to western advertisers hoping to succeed in Eastern Europe.

Early Advertising Efforts in Eastern Europe

When Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola gained limited franchise rights to produce and market their products in the Soviet Union, they also gained very limited rights to advertise their products. The advertising for these products which was permitted in th...

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