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David Mamet: Glengarry Glen Ross

Aaronow can never quite be himself because he wants to be accepted by the others too much to risk venturing and original opinion or venting about injustice in the office. Similar to Levine, Aaronow has fallen on hard times and is vulnerable because of it and Moss has no qualms about using him knowing full well he is ripe for the picking. This is why Moss knows the perfect picture for framing is presented by Aaronow. He goes in for the kill by threatening to blackmail the hapless salesman:

Moss:…I have to get those leads tonight. That’s something I have to do. If I’m not at the movies…if I’m not eating over at the inn…If you don’t do this, then I have to come in here…

Aaronow…you don’t have to come in.

Aaronow…I thought we were only talking…

Moss:…they take me, then. They’re going to ask me who were my accomplices.

Moss: Well, to the law, you’re an accessory. Before the fact.

Aaronow: Why? Why, because you only told me about it?

Moss is, in actuality, the truly disgruntled member of the group whose bitterness makes him instigate Levene’s theft of the leads book. He is consumed with getting even as much as he is by greed and anxiety. He steals the soul of Aaronow by betraying his attempts at a genuine friendship and he is ruthless about corrupting anyone he can for his own gains. In short, he is the perfect salesman for such an environment but it is he himself who is drained from the extreme stress such an environment and demeanor manifest. This is why he often leaves his sentences unfinished and peppers his speech with more expletives than can be heard at a truck driver’s convention: “Moss: The whole fuckin’ thing…The pressure’s just too great. You’re ab…you’re absolu…they’re too important. All of them. You go in the door. I…I got to close this fucker, or I don’t eat lunch. Or I don’t win the Cadillac…We fuckin’ work too hard. You work too...

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