David Mamet: Glengarry Glen Ross
In reality, he has little identity without measuring himself through his sales totals and his desperation to make one big score to get “on the board” allows him to be duped into stealing the coveted leads book from the sales office. Like the others who must compete like sharks against one another for the scraps of commissions, Levine is harassed and browbeaten continually by the office manager, Williamson. He changes his identity dependent upon Williamson’s mood. He is already as low as a man can go when Williamson lambastes him for his recent performance. Instead of standing up for himself, Levine becomes servile and blames his performance on luck alone, “Levine: Bad luck. That’s all it is. I pray in your life you will never find it runs in streaks. That’s what it does, that’s all it’s doing. Streaks. I pray it misses you. That’s all I want to say” (Mamet 4).

Of course, Levine is being hypocritical and merely adopting whatever identity and response he thinks will most please Williamson in order to keep in his favor and keep his job. As we see a little later, Levine has a great deal to say about the injustices that go on in such an environment that pits a man’s soul against his fellow beings in the name of profitability. When Williamson tells him it is his job to marshal leads, Levine becomes angry and reckless considering he is in jeopardy of losing his position, “Marshal the leads? What th

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