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Gone With The Wind-"Historical Accuracy in Civil War Period"

Her own husband is largely taken aback by Scarlett’s abilities which Reconstruction brought to full light, “He felt there was something unbecoming about a woman understanding fractions and business matters and he believed that, should a woman be so unfortunate as to have such unladylike comprehension, she should pretend not to” (Mitchell 512). Melanie becomes more realistic during and after the war as well. She is the one who suggests they search the pockets of the ransacking soldier shot by Scarlett. She is also the one who defends Scarlett the most regarding people’s shock at her new ways. Melanie knows more than anyone that Scarlett’s ability to survive during crisis and chaos is the reason she and her children are safe. After the war more women entered the workforce, influenced public policy and became economically independent than ever before in history. In a way, it not only freed blacks but also many Southern women from a form of slavery hemmed in between male tyranny and lust, “So long as you women are slaves you may throw your colleges and churches to the winds. You can’t have scholars and saints so long as your mothers are ground to powder between the upper and nether millstone of tyranny and lust” (Unger 192).

Where the Gone With The Wind portrayal of soldier’s conditions and attitudes is concerned, the portrayal is historically quite accurate. We see many instances of the ragged, war-torn, under-equipped Confederate troops throughout the novel. As Scarlett relates while watching the bottom-of-the-barrel recruits pass in front of her, “Many of the men were totally unarmed, for the Confederacy had neither rifles nor ammunition to issue to them. These men hoped to equip themselves from killed and captured Yankees. Johnson had lost around ten thousand men in his retreat. He needed ten thousand more fresh troops, and this, thought Scarlett frightened, is what he is getting!” Of course, as...

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