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Paul Boyer

Each of the three major religions that share belief in the same deity they call God has a powerful claim to a vibrant future.

The oldest of these is Judaism, the monotheistic religion of Abraham and the patriarchs. Jacob Neusner writes, "By its own theology, when a person adopts the faith of Judaism and its way of life and worldview, that person also enters into the social entity 'Israel,' meaning, in Judaism, the holy people, God's first love, to whom the Torah is revealed" (1994, p. 30). These holy people have proved themselves to be remarkably adaptable to new times and places, as well as astonishing survivors. Hitler's Holocaust, instead of destroying Judaism as he intended, actually had a catalyzing effect on the survivors and their descendants, creating a new nation from the ashes of the concentration camps.

However, anti-Semitism continues to be a problem in many places in the world and is unlikely to disappear, even in the most optimistic scenario. Robertson has a particularly harsh view of this prejudice; he writes, "In this decade the isolation of the Jews will intensify" (1990, p. 293), though he ignores the fact that much of the current anti-Semitism comes from within radical fringe groups and is not condoned by most of mainstream society. He believes that the rising tide of anti-Semitism will continue, attributing this trend in large measure to what he sees as the aggressive militarism that has made so many enemies for the state of Israel. Robertson hypothesizes that increased anti-Semitic feelings throughout the world will, according to Biblical prophecy, force Israel into calling for divine deliverance that will result in "a reign of peace on earth known as 'The Millennium'" (1990, p. 294).

With the approach of the new century, the analysis and interpretation of Biblical prophecy has become an increasingly fascinating exercise for the devout and the unbeliever alike. Boyer writes, "The conviction that...

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