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Multiple Sclerosis and it's effects to the Body

So, there's always been an awareness by the patient there's something wrong, and we just never talked about it.

MS is a disease where right now we have more ability to prevent it or slow it down than correct the damage that has been done because once a wire is cut, it's very difficult to put the wire back in the central nervous system.

There's a degenerative component to this disease that we've just really looked at recently, and the degenerative component often occurs when people get progressive disease, and these medications that I'm going to talk about may not be very effective. It may be hard to help people with the current medications.

We used to tell people that well, you have an attack, and then you get better, and then everything's fine, and a few years later you may have another attack. That was wrong. Between attacks, there's continuous damage in most patients. For every attack I see in my office, there are ten attacks on the MRI, for example.

We also would tell people before we had treatments that, "Well, you've got multiple sclerosis. It comes and goes, but you look pretty good. You know, you'll be okay. You know, you look great." Because we didn't have any treatments, we wanted to keep people's spirits up. It wasn't true. Most people who start off with relapsing-remitting end up having progressive MS.


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