Jeffrey H. Reiman's The Rich Get Richer While The Poor Get Prison
In fact, the wealthy get wealthy on the backs of the poor, according to Reiman (2003), because without poverty white collar crime would not exist. Basically, Reiman maintains that the class structure of capitalism permits greater power and resources to the wealthy. This stratum of society controls its social institutions, like the criminal justice system. For this reason, the criminal justice system is much softer on white collar criminals from this segment of the social strata because it controls the criminal justice system and, according to Reiman (2003), is prejudiced and bias against the poor.

Underlying capitalism and its creation of poverty and greed, Reiman contends that there is an ideology shared by the wealthy in American society that tends to reinforce the notion that the gulf between the ˘haves÷ and ˘have-nots÷ is justified. Reiman (2003) argues this ideology continues to reinforce the unequal division of wealth in American society while justifying the control of social institutions by a minority of wealthy individuals. As Reiman (2003) explains this ideology, ˘For the vast majority, the many millions struggling hard to satisfy basic needs, to acquiesce to the vast wealth of a small minority, it is necessary that the majority come to believe that these disparities are justified, that the present order is the best that human beings can accomplish, and that they are not being e

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