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Jew & Christian

If intermarriage between Jews and Christians seems inevitable in modern society, so too it appears is the host of challenges faced by such couples. Challenges typically begin even before the union occurs. These include animosity by one or both sets of in-laws; rejection by one or both churches; controversy over which kind of wedding ceremony to hold; discussions over conversion; debates over which religion to practice as a couple and which services to attend; and others. Once the marriage takes place, other issues become significant. According to the literature, 'How to raise their children is the most important decision facing a Jew and a Christian who plan to marry' (Mallard, 2003, 15).

How to raise children is an issue that significantly impacts many interfaith marriages. The issue is often resolved in many interfaith marriages by parents continuing to practice their individual faiths and letting children choose whichever of them they prefer to follow. Some families practice both religions or a combination of the two. The issue becomes more complex when practice and education become issues for children. Typical decisions include: Will the child go to Synagogue on the Sabbath or church on Sundays? and Will the child go to Sunday school or to midweek Hebrew school? However, even though many of these issues can be resolved with support and tolerance by both partners, Christian and Jewish ideology are in stark contrast on some of these issues. Rabbi Maller (2003) maintains that Jewish history and culture makes it nearly impossible to blend the two faiths in any significant manner, and argues that the 'love' of a couple cannot overcome such obstacles: 'Most nominally religious Gentiles would think that it's better for children to be Christian than to be nothing at all. Most Jews, however, would prefer that their children be nothing rather than become Christians. Because most Jews are acutely conscious of a long history of Ch...

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