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Politicized Crime and Justice in America

There are a number of essays in The Handbook of Crime and Punishment that delve into controversial issues in crime and justice or ones that are of increasing concern like youth gangs and offenses that are sexually related. In Robert J. Gelles' 'Family Violence,' not only is the increasing degree of violence in families alarming but a demographic variable pertaining to gender reappears. As Gelles (on Tonry 2000) maintains, 'As with nonintimate violence, men are the most likely offenders in acts of intimate violence as well' (p. 191). In his essay on white-collar crime, Neal Shover maintains that crime among the middle- and upper-classes is increasing but there appears to be favoritism shown toward members of these classes compared with poor minorities. However, white-collar crimes are seldom committed by the young or minorities, as are street crimes. As Shover (in Tonry 2000) writes, 'When compared with street criminals, individuals convicted of white-collar crimes are older and less often members of minority groups' (p. 146). Like most crime categories, men makeup a disproportionate percentage of white-collar criminals and their crimes are often more sophisticated and for higher stakes than are those committed by females.

Essays in the work provide a host of data, insight and information on other topics from prosecution and sentencing to trends in juvenile court. The juvenile justice system had undergone transformation over the past few decades due to outrage from the public at the increasing number of crimes committed by juveniles that are also heightened in severity. In the past there was more of a tendency toward rehabilitation than prison time, but many juveniles in contemporary society are given harsher sentences and prison time. This shows how public perception helps transform or evolve the criminal justice system over time. In his essay on juvenile court, Barry C. Feld (in Tonry 2000) argues that there is also bias in...

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