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The Handbook of Crime and Punishment

Even Supreme Court Justices are influenced by the public mood on controversial issues from gay marriage and abortion to drug policy and gun control. However, the author argues that on some of these issues the Justices have failed to make a full analysis in assessing the reality of the public mood. As Tonry (2000) maintains, ˘Regrettably, the Court has not always been as thorough as it might have been with regard to determining the true nature of public attitudes toward these controversial issues.÷ The author also provides a section of in-depth statistics and data that demonstrate a bias against poor minorities from arrest and conviction to sentencing.

There are a number of essays in The Handbook of Crime and Punishment that delve into controversial issues in crime and justice or ones that are of increasing concern like youth gangs and offenses that are sexually related. In Robert J. GellesĂ ˘Family Violence,÷ not only is the increasing degree of violence in families alarming but a demographic variable pertaining to gender reappears. As Gelles (on Tonry 2000) maintains, ˘As with nonintimate violence, men are the most likely offenders in acts of intimate violence as well÷ (p. 191). In his essay on white-collar crime, Neal Shover maintains that crime among the middle- and upper-classes is increasing but there appears to be fav


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