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The Nursing Crisis in the United States

BCBS recently provided $500,000 to help research resolutions to the nursing shortage in order to help development and implement solutions to resolve it.

When looking at the nursing shortage and the graying of the nursing workforce, some demographic factors and trends help illuminate possible resolutions. There are economic, political, ethical, cultural, and social issues to be addressed to help resolve this issue. One of the biggest problems with attracting more talented individuals to a career in nursing is economic. Many individuals fail to see nursing as a rewarding career in light of its demanding and numerous responsibilities. As Perez (2003) maintains, 'The work of a nurse is rigorous, and the economic rewards, though improving, are not commensurate with the level of skill, education or responsibility required' (10). By improving poor working conditions and making the rewards of nursing commensurate with the position, more individuals will be attracted to nursing as a career.

Two issues, one cultural and the other social, also hamper efforts at increasing the numbers of nurses. A cultural reason has to do with the fact that thought minorities comprise 25% or more of the U.S. population, they number only 10% of the nursing community (Loney, 2003). More efforts need made to recruit minorities in high school by nursing school professionals in order to tap this valuable and, at present, underrepresented resource pool. Incentives could be given to minority candidates, such as tuition assistance or guaranteed job placement with a minimum GPA. The percentage of minorities in the U.S. is expected to significantly grow in future and represents a valuable resource pool for future nurses.

The social issues that impacts the nursing shortage has to do with stereotypes and gender bias with respect to the profession of nursing. Long considered a 'female' occupation, American culture still perceives nurses as 'female' and men ...

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