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The Death of James Dean

The treatment of the story by the New York Times and the Houston Post may surprise many who have seen the importance accorded this story in the years since. The Houston Post does place the story on the front page, as does the Los Angeles Times, but the New York Times places it on page 2. One of the reasons why the stories received less attention outside California is indicated in the stories themselves. The AP version notes that Dean had only starred in one released film at the time of his death--East of Eden. He had also starred in Rebel Without a Cause, which was not yet released, and Giant, which he had just completed. He was therefore not the kind of star he would be within a few months when his other two films were in theaters. Indeed, it may be that those films were as successful and affecting as they were because the audience knew of his death and considered him a tragic figure. The Houston Post indicates much the same thing:

Dean shot to film prominence with the leading role in John Steinbeck's East of Eden. He had been working for several months on the as yet uncompleted Giant, film version of Edna Ferber's book about Texas.

The paper finds a relationship to its locale in Texas to feature at the last of the story.

The story in The Houston Post is on the front page in the lower right-hand corner, and it has a graphic to draw at


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