Homophobia and Racism in Hollywood Cinema
÷ As Franz Fanon suggests of this look, ˘This Šlook,Ă from-so to speak-the place of the Other, fixes us, not only in its violence, hostility and aggression, but in the ambivalence of its desire÷ (Hooks 116). Looking back or returning the gaze becomes a form of resistance. This analysis will discuss how five films exhibit an attempt by queer filmmakers to return this gaze by critiquing homophobia and racism in their films, both in Hollywood and society in general. These five films and their directors are: ˘Boys DonĂt Cry÷ (Kimberly Peirce); ˘Tongues Untied÷ (Marlon Riggs); ˘Paris is Burning÷ (Jennie Livingston); ˘Looking for Langston÷ (Isaac Julien); and ˘The Watermelon Woman÷ (Cheryl Dunye). A conclusion will address the significance of queer filmmakers attempting to shift the balance of power in Hollywood and society in general.

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