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The Different Theories in Writing

We see this most clearly in Hayles' example of comparing the text of the nursery rhyme 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' with random numbers. For preformed human perceptions often get in the way of greater understanding, especially when they are invalid. It is the randomness of absence of pattern in the numbers that promotes greater alternatives for learning than the concrete and structured nature of the repetitive content of the nursery rhyme. Such discoveries conflict with our established mind-set regarding information. As Hayles (3) maintains, 'This line of reasoning suggests that the more random a message is, the more information it conveysùa result that conflicts with our cultural expectations that information should be structured.'

It is this expectation that information should be structured that often causes critics to maintain that virtuality is a disembodying process that undermines learning and engagement. In this manner, the distinctions of materiality and information are not discrete entities from one another. Though virtuality relies on definition of distinctions such as noise/information and signal/not-signal, these are not binaries but dialects. As Hayles (3) explains, 'In Derrida's phrase, they are engaged in an economy of supplementarity. Each of the privileged termsùsignal, information patternùrelies for its construction in a supplementùnot-signal, noise, randomness.' It is this dialectal process or supplementarity exchange that occurs when the individual is engaged in virtuality via electronic technologies.

Basically, the rise of electronic technologies has caused a social construct known as virtuality that, like the postmodern paradigm prior to it, emerged as a mind-set as well. Paradigms are established frameworks or ways of doing things that evolve as knowledge, learning, and technologies evolve. In the following chart, the distinctions between the postmodernist and virtuality paradigms are exhibited as...

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