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Laws at Fusco and Macaluso

Preferences for Performance of Hiring Activities

TASKS HR to Perform Partners to Perform HR/Partners

In an era of increased competition, cost-cutting and the need for talented human resources to retain competitive advantage, more and more law firms are utilizing electronic technologies and the World Wide Web and Internet as a means of recruiting. Formerly Fusco & Macaluso was restricted from using electronic technologies for recruiting purposes because they were cost prohibitive, especially for smaller firms. Nevertheless, new technologies that used to start at $70,000 annually are now selling in the $10,000 price range, making them more affordable to firms the size of Fusco & Macaluso.

The use of electronic technologies saves recruiters from wading through mountains of paperwork, while saving the firm money in comparison to print advertising costs. Such methods enable a company to reach passive candidates as well as ones actively seeking employment. Such methods of recruiting save money through increased productivity of recruiters and lower costs than hiring outside recruiting agencies. Fusco & Macaluso has saved 30% in hiring costs by utilizing such software from Restrac as WebHire. Utilizing such low-end cost applications enables the firm to expand the ability to recruit talent beyond our region and for less than the cost of national print advertising. Failure to act via such recruiting means may neglect employees who are passive candidates not currently seeking employment. In an era of cost-cutting and increased competition, the need to increase productivity and recruit skilled employees is critical for our success. Recruiting through electronic means allows Fusco & Macaluso to achieve these kinds of goals.

Fusco & Macaluso expects all new-hires, except for lawyers and maintenance, to take a series of tests to assess legal skills. Such skills as legal spelling, legal abbreviations, and other are critical to...

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