Boeing and Airbus Industrie Design History
The Boeing Company, and the Boeing 777:

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the Boeing Company has long symbolized technologic prowess. It is in fact the United State's number one exporter. The development of the 777 transport family represents a major evolutionary advance for both the company itself and aviation in general.

The Boeing Company's long-term sales strategy involves using advanced design and manufacturing techniques to "hold the line on price and progressively reduce the operating cost of its transports" (Proctor, 1994, pp. 48-49). The 777 family of aircraft are an integral part of that plan. In order to meet continuously changing market conditions, the Boeing Company has designed several different models. The "A-market" and "B-market" 777s are available in a total of six gross weights, and can carry between 305 and 375 passengers from 3,550 to 7,380 nautical miles (Proctor, 1994, pp. 48-49). In addition, an all-economy configuration is available which can carry 440 passengers.

At first glance, the 777 appears similar to other Boeing transports. It has lightly swept wings, a standard tail, and two wing-mounted turbofan engines (Gottschalk, 94, pp. 50, 52). The initial model, the Boeing 777-200, was introduced in May 1995 (Main, 1992, pp. 102-104, 108, 112, 116-117). It has an overall length of about 209 feet and a fuselage diameter of 20 feet 4 inches. It offe

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