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Boeing and Airbus Industrie Design History

In addition to PW4000 series derivatives, two other available options for the Boeing 777 include Rolls Royce's Trent 800 and General Electric's GE90 series. The Trent 800 puts out between 74,000 and 84,000 lbs. of thrust. In addition, Stan Todd, Trent project director claims that it has the ability to produce 95,000-lb. thrust, and up to 100,000 lbs. with changes to the core (Morrocco, 1992, p. 67). It's fan measures 110 inches in diameter. At 172 inches in length, this small, light powerplant is said to require 5.8 percent less fuel than engines now in service (Tortolano, 1991, pp. 122-134).

The General Electric Company's GE90, in contrast, is specifically designed for high-thrust (i.e., 84,700 lbs.) (Kandebo, 1995, p. 29). The engine has a 123-inch fan and an exceptionally high bypass ratio. Moreover, the General Electric Company is also developing a 92,000-lb.-thrust GE90 for the "B-market" 777 (Kandebo, 1995, pp. 31-32). Not only does the GE90's design reduce fuel consumption, it is also produces less atmospheric pollution (Tortolano, 1991, pp. 122-134). Snecma (Societe National d'Etude et de Construction de Moteurs d'Aviation) in Paris produces many of the GE90's components (Scuria-Fontana, 1994, p. 14).

The 777 has been developed for a variety of markets. Many destinations currently require flights of 3-plus hours over water. Twin engine aircraft that make such flights must be certified for extended range twin-engine operations (ETOPS). The Boeing Company claims that the 777 has been designed "from the ground up for ETOPS" (O'Lone, 1992, pp. 72-73). For example, the aircraft handles well on one engine. It is actually quite agile for a heavy transport (Hughes, 1995, pp. 42-43, 46-48). In addition, changes have been made on the 777 to minimize such things as false engine fire warnings and erroneous engine oil system indications. False engine oil indications alone have been responsible for approximately 19 p...

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