Curriculum Concepts Nature and Purposes
Instead, experience and practical training loom large. This fact is relevant to this researcher's experience as a law-enforcement officer. The police routinely encounter persons whose experience of formal academic education is relatively limited and/or who might have difficulty absorbing theoretical lessons; the experience of many such persons is that their education for life has been deeply flawed. A theoretical understanding of how law enforcement should interact with those people may be useful and necessary, but it is not sufficient to the task of being effective from a public-service point of view.

It is possible, of course, that appropriate responses to real-world challenges can be taught and that informal classroom instruction is the place for that to happen. However, even if that is not possible, it is imperative that such responses be learned. A comprehensive approach to effective interaction and response on the job is essential. In other words, classroom training alone is no substitute for real-world exposure to problem-solving situations. This is relevant to the distinction between instruction and curriculum development, except that in this writer's experience curricular inputs come most often in the form of applying learning experiences, which all have a life of their own, in the field and less often in the form of classroom training. It is not that the classroom or the textbook is irrelevant

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