Glasspell's A Jury of Her Peers and Trifles
However, in Trifles, the County Attorney is the first to speak and addresses his comment to the women entering the Wright home: ˘This feels good. Come up to the fire, ladies÷ (1). Both of these statements are significant to the theme because they symbolize male superiority over women. Mr. Hale impatiently hurries his wife without consideration of what duties might be keeping her. The County Attorney assumes the women cannot tolerate weather conditions. Both symbolize male dominance over women, which is why it is significant that Mrs. Hale speaks out in the wagon in A Jury of Her Peers because ˘she felt they [women] ought to be talking as well as the men÷, and that Mrs. Peters rejects the County AttorneyĂs offer in Trifles: ˘IĂm not-cold÷ (1). Thus, despite differences because of the conventions of each form of literature, both are able to convey male oppression and female resistance in an equally effective manner.

There are limitations and benefits of both the stage and screen forms of art. If we look at Before Breakfast and Citizen Kane, we can see that each is better suited for its particular medium. With respect to Before Breakfast, the one-room setting of a tenement apartment in New York City might come off as airless, static, and visually uninteresting on the big screen. Further, Before Breakfast is filled with dialogue. While the stage relies more upon dialogue to convey its message to audiences, on fi

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