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Hirsch and Krochmal Emerged vis-a-vis The Concept of a Jewish State

But to the extent that it is spiritual in its essence, it will undoubtedly survive as legacy to another nation close to it in space or time. . . . Only a great nation of manifold achievements will leave behind numerous traces of its spirituality which can be easily recognized for all generations. Thus its poetic literary arts as well as its legal system become the inheritance of the entire human race and of its total fund of spirituality; thereby they continue to function for all time.6

Krochmal's concept of spiritual manifestations may seem an oxymoron except as it may be distinguished from a concept of concrete manifestations of the spiritual. But this goes to the heart of a World Spirit view of history and reality, and it is perfectly consistent with Hegel's view of what is absolute or universal. For Hegel, the ultimate spiritual manifestation is that of freedom as realized in the state, a point that he makes throughout his works:

In order to make clear the actual character of the reality which is most adapted to Ideality [i.e., Spirit] we will contrast it with that aspect of existence which is not so adapted.

We find the latter pre-eminently where the ethical notion, that is, justice and rational freedom, have already won for themselves and maintain a fixed position in the social order regulated by law, so that, even in the external world, it appears as a positive and necessary power, which is quite independent of the individuality and subjectivity of the specific temperament an characters. This is the case in the life of the State, where that life is manifested in a form adequate to the true notion of citizenship. . . . In the true State, laws, customs, and rights, in so far as they constitute the determinations of freedom applicable to all, are of paramount force even in this universal and abstract relation, and are not conditioned in their applicability by the chance requirements of an individual's idiosyncrasy.7

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