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The Difference between The EU & The US

Still, it takes quite a stretch to compare U.S. pressure on diverse countries of Europe (many of them with relatively pro-US feelings) to that exerted by a Monarchy that ruled its colonies with an iron fist over 200 years prior.

An additional intent of the EU is to avoid war among its member nations (Kagan, 2003). In this regard, Europe has a history of terrible wars and this also affects its willingness to form an overarching union. The unity that the EU will confer on member nations can do much to allow Europe to become a major world power, with an economy that can compete with the U.S. economy. (Kagan, 2003). But the unity not only confers power, it also helps to avoid differences, conflict and turmoil that could set member nations against one another and once again lead to war.

Regarding organization, both the United States and the EU organize themselves using overarching principles. Once again, a large element of the organizational make-up of the United States is to maintain freedom through governing bodies which act as a 'check and balance' upon one another (Hakim, 2001). Also related to the core notion of freedom is the fact that the governing power invested in the individual states that comprise America is not totally subservient to the federal government. Indeed, there exist hundreds of years of litigation that support and maintain the governing power of states, even when challenged by the federal government.

However, if one examines the organizing concepts (pillars) of the EU, maintaining the freedom of individual member nations such that their governing bodies hold a level of power that may in some instances challenge or even over-rule the EU is not a strong concern. Rather, the focus is on setting up a set of standards, rules, regulations and policies by which all of the member nations of the EU must abide (Raphael, 2001). To this end, the governing bodies of the EU comprise a far more stringent top-down organi<...

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