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Parents are Partners with Children

Concerns regarding self-help, gross motor skills, and social skills are not shown to be associated with true problems. Concerns regarding speech-language development or behavioral problems are highly associated with true speech-language or behavioral problems (Glascoe, 1994).

Glascoe further explored this concept by studying the nature of the relationship between children's cognitive and adaptive behavior skills and parent's concerns. Results of his study indicated: nineteen percent of the children had global delays, including mental retardation, slow learning/developmental delay, and functional developmental delay; five percent of the parents had concerns about global development; seven percent were concerned about school skills; eight percent were concerned about fine or gross motor skills; nine percent were concerned about receptive language skills; twenty-three percent were concerned about personal-social problems; twenty-seven percent were concerned about speech-expressive language; and most commonly, fifty-one percent were concerns about behavior. It was concluded that relationships between types of parental concern and types of developmental problems were not found when children had global developmental delays; concerns regarding behavior were the strongest indicator of global developmental delay. Parents' concerns are therefore viewed at best as a prescreening tool and cannot be taken at face value.

Flipsen (1995) reports that mothers tend to be better than all other listeners (including fathers) at identifying words being spoken by speech-delayed children with normal hearing; Thus the overall superior performance of mothers was supported. However, different studies challenge this concept and argue that their findings indicate no differences were found between mothers or teachers at identifying behaviors in children.

The Severity of Disability & Normalization

Parents and schools need to work cooperatively fo...

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