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PARENTS AS PARTNERS Introduction Parents are

Efforts may need to be made to include the father in the planning and carrying out of programs. Many school systems remain old-fashioned, the fathers' interventions carry more weight; for this reason, the father's involvement is even more helpful. Once fathers learn to participate, many become the child's instant lawyer handling legal aspects regarding special services and programs (Osman, 1979).

Father's are important for many other reasons; the father functions as a role model for the child which is crucial for any child, but particularly for the child with developmental difficulties. The male child needs to know he will grow up to be a whole man, inspite of any difficulties; in fact healthy growth is greatly thwarted when the father feels the child is inadequate. Children need to know what is right with them; they need to be cared for and praised. The fathers involvement and willingness to share responsibility, brings the family closer together and helps maintain the marital system (Osman, 1979).

Parental involvement also includes the enhancement of the child's learning ability with different techniques. Motivation for learning includes many factors, a most important one being self-concept. The child who views himself as successful, enthusiastic, and able, is more likely to meet those expectations. Parents need to provide a home environment that is warm, positive, enc


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