Morality, Power and International Organizations
the American tendency to project into its view of international

relations its own national values and experience often led to an

American failure to back up its words with action and a foreign

policy which was based on impractical idealism rather than upon

a realistic appreciation of American long term strategic

interests. He pointed out that the Anglo-Saxon democracies were

prone to moralistic passions. He likened an aroused democracy in

wartime to "those prehistoric monsters with a body as long as

this room and a brain the size of a pin."3 He was particularly

critical of Woodorw Wilson's overstated war aims in 1917-1918, a

"war to make the world safe for democracy." He placed upon

Wilson a large share of the blame for the failure of the Allies

to achieve a peace "with a minimum prejudice to the stability of

the [European] Continent,"4 which he believed stemmed from

Wilson's misguided faith in the efficacy of moral suasion and

Kissinger "emphasized the importance of 'furthering

America's interests in a world where power remains the

ultimate arbiter.'"5 He opposed the efforts of President

Nixon's UN Ambassadors to expand the peacekeeping role of the

United Nations which Kissinger viewed as a useful adjunct to

American foreign policy but not as a substitute for a cold-

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