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Ohio Dominican College

Some of us came halfway around the world to reach this spot. When we arrived and unpacked our bags, we did not even all share a native language in common.

But how far have we travelled together since we reached this inn? If I added up all the times that I have walked from Erskine Hall to Wehrle Hall, or from Spangler Library to Saint Albert Hall, how much would it come to. A hundred miles? Two hundred miles? The distances aren't far, but over the years they add up

--especially when you're late for a class! Then it can seem like miles.

Yet it seems to me that in the time we have been here, we have travelled together a greater distance than it is possible to travel by jet plane. It has been a distance measured by our common experiences, from Christmas parties to final exams, and most of all by what we have learned here together. Oh, I know we haven't all studied the same things. We may have prepared ourselves to be anything from accountants to zoologists, but on a deeper level, the similarities have been much greater than the differences. That, after all, is what Ohio Dominican College is all about; the heart of its teaching mission has been the wholeness of human experience and human knowledge, which mirrors the wholeness of God.

For the one thing we all had in common when we first came here was that we chose to stay for a time at this particular inn. Ohio Dominican College is not one more academic Motel Six along


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