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Ohio Dominican College Inn

Ohio Dominican College is not one more academic Motel Six along the highway of life, but a place with a very special character. To begin with, it is an old inn. Ohio Dominican was founded eighty-three years ago by the Dominican Sisters as the College of St. Mary of the Springs. But its heritage goes back much further, centuries in fact; the tradition of Ohio Dominican College as as old as the Dominican Order.

That tradition is one of a search for truth. But truth is a varied and complex thing. There is no one heading in the card catalog at Spangler Library that is labelled "truth," and no one place on the shelves where you can go to pull down a book that has all of the truth in it. Even Scripture only contains that part of truth that can be compressed into a single book. All of Spangler Library isn't enough to hold the whole of truth; indeed, all the libraries in the world aren't enough. The most we can hope to find is a road map that will tell us how to search for truth.

One thing we can say, however, is that truth is not compartmentalized, or divided off from itself. There is not one truth in accounting and another, isolated truth in zoology. This is what the curriculum and indeed the entire program at Ohio Dominican College have been designed to help us to realize. There are doubtless many other schools we all could have attended that would have trained us adequately in any number of specific, specialized fields.

What we would not have gotten in that specialized training was the sense of how the varied parts fit into the whole. The patterns and interrelationships that one finds in, say, economics, are similar to those that one finds in environmental studies. A satellite photograph of a hurricane in the Caribbean shows a spiral pattern that closely resembles that of a galaxy located millions of light-years away across the cosmos. That this should be so; that the same patterns should be found in so many differ...

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