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Privacy Protection Act of 2001

However, along with these advantages, new technologies like the Internet, email, and networks require new responsibilities and policies to ensure they are used in a professional, ethical, and lawful manner. In light of this, it is critical for companies to design and implement a comprehensive Computer Use Policy that clearly defines what behavior and users are acceptable and those that are not. The policy should include a statement of purpose, a definition of use of technology, restrictions on use, communications policy, email and internet conduct, and personnel policies. The policy should mandate that the organization has the right to access and monitor all electronic communications and files on the company computer system. Restrictions recommended on employee computer use should, in accordance with professionalism, ethics, and law, include the following:

Sending, retrieving, displaying or printing offensive materials or messages.

Use of profane language for obscene purposes or activities (obscene being defines as a violation of commonly accepted social standards for public use of electronic communications)

Harassing, disparaging, or attacking others.

Damaging computers, systems, or networks.

Utilizing or breeching the integrity of someone else’s password.

Electronic trespassing in the files or work of other employees.

Unauthorized access of the work of another department or employee.

Using the system for commercial or personal reasons.

Using the system in any manner that violates federal, state or local laws.

The Computer Use Policy should also contain three main sections: Communications Policy, Email and Internet Code of Conduct, and Personnel Policies. Communications policy should detail proper use and restrictions on use with respect to confidential information, advertising and solicitations, installation of software, unlicensed software, and others. Email and Internet code of conduct should describe a...

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