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Jewish Women In Civil War

Like many other young Southern women, Cohen Seixas details how her former life of splendor, luxury and comfort was devastated by the war. Also like many other women, she reveals her dismay over the turning of the wheel of fate which would make her and her family very, very poor. Once the Civil War erupted, there was little hope or chance or returning to the former gentility and comfort of her past life on a Southern plantation:

I was for many years the only daughter and, in consequence, was much petted and indulged. My dear fatherís fortunes have been sadly varied. My first recollection is of a sufficiency, every comfort. Then came wealth. When I reached womanhood all of lifeís choicest gifts were mine, but the wheels turned, and we were poor, very poor. Father labored day and night, and could barely make both ends meet. I was young, hopeful, and energetic. I set to work and by doing various kinds of fancy work, at which I was adept, I earned enough to clothe myself, except shoes, without calling on father.


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