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Novelist Thomas Hardy

But from an inner, emotional, psychic point of view it obviously had everything to do with his life because it formed one aspect of his imagination (Carpenter 19).

This part emerges in his stories and poetry in visions of the macabre and grotesque, "most often ironically juxtaposed with the ordinary, a sudden incursion of the irrationally terrible into a scene" (Carpenter 19). Carpenter also cites an anomaly in hardy's character that started at about this same age--he disliked being touched in even the most friendly way:

Whatever we might make of this as a psychological quirk, it is clear that it is not the characteristic of a man who is insensitive to the effect of other people on his life (Carpenter 20).

Hardy's sensitivity to the feelings of people is evident in his fiction, and it can be demonstrated in clearly in his poetry as well. In his poem "A Broken Appointment," the dependency and need of the speaker is evident. In this poem, the man is not remembering something he has lost but is rather missing something he has never known. The woman does not love him and never has. He has asked her to meet him and she has not come:

And marching Time drew on, and wore me numb.

There is no indication that she said she would, only that he has

hoped she would. The speaker is a very needy individual,

requiring even the slightest indication from this woman that she

knows he is alive. He may seek love from this absent woman, but

he is willing to settle for "compassion" or "loving kindness."

The fact that she has not come has caused him to grieve,

which seems to elevate her absence to the level of the loss of a

loved one through death without actually managing to accomplish

this task. She is very much alive, which makes her absence more

purposeful than that of the woman in the first poem. He is fully

aware of this fact and aware that she has no loyalty to him, for

loyalty comes with love: ...

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