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Importance of Titanium

The biokinetic chamber is closed by a titanium ring in the cervical part. The ring is fixed to the implant head and endosseous part by laser welding, and the whole biokinetic chamber is closed.

In natural teeth, there is a semielastic connection between the teeth and bone, but in implants, there is a direct connection between the implant and the bone (Gagfl and Schultes, 2001, 3064). This leads to direct transmission of forces to the periimplant bone without any shock absorbing function caused by impact loading, which can lead to eccentric stress forces. When silicon shock absorbers were used which were in direct contact with the gingiva, inflammation and periimplant problems arose. Fracture of fixation screws could also occur. With the Mobile-Implant system, these problems were solved and the resilience properties were similar to those of natural teeth. The main advantage of the system is the closure of the unit without causing a rigid implant, and this is only possible because of the semi-elastic titanium ring connected to the endosseous implant part and implant head by laser welding.

Taddei, Henriques, Silva and Cairo (2004) recently produced a new titanium alloy for orthopedic implants which is one of the most promising alloys to date. The beta-alloy has the highest level of mechanical, fatigue, and corrosion resistance, with good formability and potential applications. The beta-titanium alloy has the lowest elastic modulus, and is a Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta alloy, produced by powder metallurgy, and is a unique alternative for obtaining parts with porous structure. This is an important characteristic for osseointegration, and therefore for use in dental implants. The alloy is produced by a blended elemental method from a sequence of uniaxial and cold isostatic pressing, followed by densification through sintering among 900 to 1700C in a vacuum. The alloy was characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray dif...

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