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Comparing "The One Minute Manager" & "Leadership Is an Art"

31). Further, the typical response of both management and workers is to focus on the problem instead of on an effective response. The idea of setting goals is to think, through the process of production, with a view toward controlling it and making it more efficient.

Blanchard and Johnson appear to have found a way of characterizing the commonsense concept of advance planning in organizational-management terms. They maintain a commitment to managerial authority and control by connecting the concept of setting goals to performance evaluations or feedback, in the form of what they call one-minute praises and one-minute reprimands. The terms are of course self-explanatory, but their significance lies in a psychological attitude of specificity on one hand and clarity on the other that Blanchard and Johnson attach to performance evaluations. The one-minute praise, accordingly, involves the manager's "catching" employees "doing something right" (p. 39), noting specifically what the "something" is, and offering immediate and public encouragement for it. The one-minute reprimand has two components. First, the manager notes specifically what an employee might have been doing wrong. Secondly, the manager makes clear that the employee's actions or behavior--not his or her status or integrity as a person--are at issue. The issues of professionalism and clarity surface most prominently here, for Blanchard and Johnson advise managers who reprimand employees to "reaffirm that you think well of them [as human beings] but not of their performance in this situation." They add that the manager should "realize that when the reprimand is over, it's over" (p. 59).

This approach speaks tacitly to the issue of office politics and grudge-holding; however, the purpose is chiefly to maintain the focus of both manager and workers on specific business objectives and the consequence of achieving or failing to achieve them. What the focus is specifi...

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