Murders of 3 Civil Rights Workers
Their station wagon was overtaken on a rural road and the three men were beaten to death and then shot. Linder (2) describes the scene as one in which Deputy Sheriff Price, in a county vehicle, followed by two other cars filled with young Klan members, pursued the car driven by Chaney in a high speed chase. For some reason that is still unknown, Chaney braked his car and the three surrendered.

At that juncture, as Peter Daniels (1) has noted, "Chaney was beaten to death and Schwerner and Goodman were shot in the chest." The conspirators then buried the bodies of the three young men under a dam on a nearby farm. The bodies were not discovered for six weeks. On July 31, 1964, after conducting over 1,000 interviews, the FBI learned the probable location of the bodies. On August 3, 1964, the FBI obtained a search warrant to look for bodies at the Old Jolly Farm. On August 4, 1964, the three bodies were discovered ("Mississippi Burning Trial: A Chronology," 1).

The bodies of the three civil rights workers were taken to Jackson, Mississippi for examination as to the cause of their deaths. FBI officials were aided in their investigation on October 13, 1964 when Klan member James Jordan confessed his involvement in the conspiracy and were further assisted when Klan member Horace Barnett also confessed and described the events of June 21, 1964. Subsequently, 19 members of the conspiracy were arrested and charged with v

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