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Issues of Home Economics

Attitudes that derive from the mainstream and dissenting culture inevitably affect the ways in which home economists and indeed the whole range of social scientists address issues relating to women's experience of the "handson" areas of prudence in managing and using food and nutrition. Hertzler treats this issue in terms of the attitudes that homeeconomics professionals revealed toward the targets of their expertise.

In the early 1900s emphasis in food and nutrition education

was directed at women and children, especially at middle and lowincome levels. At that time women were just

beginning to vote and most were fulltime homemakers.

Today's direction is adapting food and nutrition information

not only for housewives, but for all family members

throughout the life cycle and for many family situations

such as singleparent families, multiearner families and

handicapped family members. Thus, as times change and

families change, professionals are adapting scientific

information to meet current needs (7:723)

In some ways, the more things about American culture change, the more they remain the same. Where the role of home economics in the larger questions of sociocultural coping is concerned, the truth is that the greatest need for information about food and nutrition remains at middle and lowincome levelsthe women's movement notwithstanding. For as Naisbitt and Aburdene notice, although women are in the workforce in unprecedented numbers, they are also as a group at the lower end of the economic scale, which tends not to partake of either good food or decent nutrition. The reasons may vary, but the evidence is plain, and it is the more plain for being unsurprising. A study cited in The Futurist is typical, in its observation that "millions of Americans are deficient in vitamin A, especially lowincome groups who don't consume enough liver...

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