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U.S. CIA and Iranian Government

CIA material on the coup could also be useful as a weapon in the current power struggles in Tehran. The CIA admits it planted stories with major news agencies to advance the shah's cause. The document says credit for coming up with the idea for overthrowing Mossadegh goes to the British. After World War II, British interest maintained control of Iran's oil fields through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and the decision by Iran's parliament to take over the oil industry infuriated British officials.

The British and U.S. governments saw in the popular forces behind Mossadegh's regime, a threat to their oil interest in the region (Walsh). Although there was no way to restore the colonial rule that had prevailed before the war, the great powers were working on new political arrangements that would allow them to maintain their economic dominance. The proximity of the USSR also played a role in their thinking. The plans for a coup were boosted in March 1953 when an Iranian general approached the U.S. embassy about support for an army-led coup. In April, CIA chief Allen W. Dulles, authorized $1 million to be spent to bring down Mossadegh. An initial coup plan was drawn up when British and U.S. intelligence officials met in Cyprus in May 1953. The CIA began distributing 'gray propaganda' in the streets of Tehran, with anti-government cartoons, and they planted unflattering articles in the local press.

In June, 1963, British and American officials finalized their coup plan at a meeting in Beirut (Walsh). President Roosevelt's grandson, Kermit Roosevelt, went to Iran to oversee the implementation of the coup. The most trouble the CIA had was in convincing the shah ro go along with the idea, and they sent General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, father of the Persian Gulf general, to help get the shah to cooperate. The British also tried to persuade him. One dirty trick employed by the CIA was to have agents pretend to be Iranian Commun...

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