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CIA and Iran

Iran was a key supplier of oil for Israel and South Africa, and the American military and the CIA operated bases on Iranian soil to gather intelligence against the neighboring USSR (Walsh). The shahĂs army was used to quell national liberation struggles in the Persian Gulf area. The hated SAVAK secret police, who were responsible for the arrest, torture and murder of thousands of people, were trained by American supervisors. U.S. presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon and Jimmy Carter visited Iran only months prior to a popular explosion that drove the monarch from power.

In 2000, Washington had decided to ˘come clean÷ on one chapter of U.S. history - its involvement in the 1953 coup (Walsh). It was embarrassing for them, but they decided it was worth the price if they could normalize relations with Iran. CIA material on the coup could also be useful as a weapon in the current power struggles in Tehran. The CIA admits it planted stories with major news agencies to advance the shahĂs cause. The document says credit for coming up with the idea for overthrowing Mossadegh goes to the British. After World War II, British interest maintained control of IranĂs oil fields through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and the decision by IranĂs parliament to take over the oil industry infuriated British officials.

The British and U.S. governments saw in the popular forces behind MossadeghĂs regime, a threat to their oi


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