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Hispanic Influences of culture in brazil

The origins of Brazilian literature and art can also be traced to the colonial period. As early as the sixteenth century, Portuguese writers in the Brazilian colonies provided the world with travel narratives and other forms of literature. It has been noted that "the content and style of these works expressed the Portuguese spirit in their detailed description, taste for the picturesque, and lyric quality" (Nyrop, 1983, p. 13). In later centuries, prior to Brazil's independence from Portuguese rule in the 1800s, the influences of Hispanic culture continued to be strong. In particular, styles of art and architecture in early Brazil were based directly upon Portuguese models. In terms of architecture, for example, it has been noted that colonial Brazilian churches often made use of the baroque style of ornamentation and decoration which was popular in Portugal at the time (p. 13).

Despite Portuguese culture being the strongest during Brazil's colonial development, there were nonetheless Indian and African cultural influences felt at the same time. Throughout its recent history, Brazil has been a nation of ethnic and cultural multiplicity. In this regard, it has been noted that "colonial Brazil was an ethnic hodgepodge with a distinctly Portuguese cultural backdrop" (Nyrop, 1983, p. 102). Although the culture of Portugal provided the basis for subsequent development in Brazil, the other cultures also played a large role. Thus, today, "Brazil's culture is not Negro or White or Indian, but an immensely complex culture in which all three racial elements have made a contribution and have mutually influenced one another" (Franco, 1967, p. 124). One of the main reasons why this cultural diversity exists today lies in the fact that the early Portuguese colonists were generally men who left their families behind in the old country. Because of this, the Portuguese colonists frequently mated with Indian and African women, thus creatin...

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