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Saddam Hussein

My cousin was one of those taken. He has been held prisoner for more than 13 years, along with about one percent of the country's entire population (National 1). Kuwait is not a large country, and this is a significant number of people who have just disappeared.

Even where Saddam is not quite bold enough to take prisoners, he is still a threat. He controls massive quantities of dangerous weapons, and he has been very good at hiding these from international inspectors. Al J. Venter writes, 'Astonishment has always been expressed at the true breadth of Saddam's nuclear weapons enterprise, as well as the amount of adroit maneuvering needed to keep it hidden from prying eyes both on the ground and above it' (48).

He has the power to threaten his neighbors with considerable destruction. Butler writes:

The greatest threat to life on earth is weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical, biological . . . The community of nations has recognized this threat . . . the most determined and diabolical of . . . challenges [to attempts to end this threat] has been mounted by the dictator of Iraq - Saddam Hussein (xv).

While backing him into a corner might make him more likely to use these weapons, allowing him to keep them and hide them makes him a continuing danger. Venter contends, 'Iraq has tended to be devious throughout the inspection period' (51). Those who argue for time to inspectors to do their work overlook the fact that Saddam has been very good about keeping inspections from showing anything at all.

In Butler's words, 'Weapons of mass destruction are central to Saddam's claim to be fit and able to lead the Arab world. It is very important to recognize that this strident, bellicose appeal is addressed particularly to the underprivileged masses' (xix). Saddam works very hard to keep his people from being educated. He knows that education will encourage them to question his authority and fight against his terr...

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