Saddam Hussein
Richard Butler argues, ˘SaddamĂs fundamental goal is to retain his own power and position . . . [which] does explain a great deal about the system of terror and patronage he runs in Iraq and the extraordinary wall of security he has built around himself÷ (xvii-xviii). In 1988, an Iraqi village called Halabja tried to revolt against Saddam. He destroyed the entire town. It is no longer on the map. In 1991, he killed 30,000 people in Al Najaf to prevent them from turning against him. These kinds of actions help to keep others who would fight him within his country silent.

Those Iraqis who have escaped fear for the lives of their friends and family who remain behind. I know many of these refugees here in the United States. I do not know of a single one who wants Saddam to remain in power. I do not know of a single one who believes that any citizen under SaddamĂs control will ever be safe. My friends here estimate that about 90 percent of the Iraqi population is against Saddam, but they cannot speak out for fear of death or torture. For human rights abuses against his people alone, Saddam should be removed from power.

Saddam is not the only dictator in the world who uses his position to kill, terrorize, and maintain control over the people within his country. However, he is one of the few who is reckless enough to go outside his borders. He invaded my country, Kuwait, in 1990, trying to take over the count

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